New secure repository for unused medications installed at Madras PD

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Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue, leading to potential accidental poisoning, misuse, and/or overdose.

Proper disposal of unused drugs not only saves lives, but also protects the environment.

The City of Madras Police Department is pleased to announce the installation of new secure repository located in their lobby at 125 SW “E” Street that offers the community a free, safe, and convenient disposal option for unused medications.

The lobby is open to the public Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

The public can drop their unused medications in the repository without showing ID or filling out any paperwork. However, it’s important that citizens follow the instructions listed on the repository before dropping their medications in the box.

“We want to deter the misuse of prescription drugs by unintended parties.

Having this locked kiosk available year-round to our citizens provides a valuable service to both our citizens and our officers,” said Police Chief Tanner Stanfill.

“We’re really pleased to see this offered to the community, said Dan Hall, Madras Wastewater Supervisor. “Flushing old or unwanted prescription or over-the-counter medications down the toilet or drain can pollute our water and unintentionally expose us to the chemicals in these medications.” It’s important to note that septic systems are usually not equipped to treat pharmaceuticals and chemical compounds from medicines can pass through treatment plants or septic systems to rivers or groundwater.

There are some limitations to what can be dropped in the repository. Herbal remedies, vitamins medical devices, sharps (needles), illicit drugs, pet pesticide products and medicines are some of the items not allowed.

There are other options for safe disposal of these items including Drug Take Back Days, Hazardous Waste Disposal Days, pharmacies and medical offices.

For citizens who cannot get to the new repository box at Madras Police Department, a mail-back service utilizing pre-paid, pre-addressed envelopes is also available in Oregon and more information on that program can be found at


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