New school-based health clinic comes to Mountain View High School


Mountain View High School got a new addition to its campus on Friday, March 31. It’s a new school-based health clinic (SBHC) that looks to make healthcare more accessible for the community by reducing barriers such as cost, transportation and inconvenience. 

“Schools are generally the size of small cities, and so families congregate here, and we really like that families can bring their kiddos. We provide services to anyone from birth to 18,” Pediatric clinics manager with Mosaic Community Health, Tamarra Harris said.

While the clinic is located on MVHS’ campus, it will be open to all children in the community. 

“Mental healthcare is such a great need right now,” Harris said. “We have mental healthcare on site. We have physical health care. We operate as a full service pediatric site with everything you could imagine having in larger pediatric practice.”

It will be staffed with a pediatric primary care provider, medical assistant, receptionist, behavioral health consultant and behavioral specialists.

Harris told us it is Mosaic’s 6th SBHC in the tri-county area, with others opened at Bend High School, two schools in Redmond, Crook County and Madras High School.

The modular unit that will house the clinic was delivered in two halves on Friday via semi-truck and is yet to be mended together. 

SBHC’s bill insurance just like any regular clinic, but no child will be turned away if they are unable to pay for services or do not have insurance, according to the clinic.

The SBHC will be installed behind MVHS’ tennis courts and will officially open to the community, up to the age of 18, on May 1.


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