New Jail “Open for Business” in Crook County

The Crook County Sheriff’s Office opened its new jail Monday night, with deputies walking all 19 inmates across the street to their new digs.

Sheriff John Gautney called the transition a historical event for Crook County. The old, 16-bed, jail had been used since 1968. The new facility is equipped with technology to help corrections staff with safety and security of the facility and staff as well as the inmates.

The operating capacity of the new jail is 65 inmates, but total bed space can swell to 85 if necessary. Gautney said In the coming weeks, 26 Crook County inmates currently being held at the Jefferson County Jail will be transferred to Prineville.

Crook County voters approved a $10 million bond measure in November 2016 to pay for the facility.

“This has been long overdue for Crook County and the community should be proud of this new facility that you have provided for,” said Gautney.


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