▶️ New details released after man shot by DCSO in Bend

The man shot Friday by a DCSO deputy after a traffic stop was a 28-year-old homeless man who had stolen a car that night from the Shepherd’s House shelter, according to the Deschutes County DA’s office.

DA John Hummel said Adam L. Gilliam, who was raised in John Day, was still at St. Charles in Bend and is expected to survive the shooting.

We spoke with Hummel Monday afternoon, hours after he released a statement recounting the events that led up to the shooting, but many of the details as to why he was shot, how many shots were fired and whether Gilliam was in or out of the car “are all part of the ongoing investigation and will not be released at this time.”

“I’m not sharing details for two reasons: one, I don’t know them all, I can’t share what I don’t know,” Hummel told Central Oregon Daily. “I haven’t spoken to every witness yet, and if there’s a witness or potential witness out there that listens to what Hummel’s opinion is on the case that could subtly influence their testimony. That’s why I’m not releasing details at this point.”

The shooting happened just after 6 p.m. on Friday near the Cascade Village shopping area at Robal Lane and Hunnell Road at the north end of Bend.

It started after authorities received a call from the Shepherd’s House on NE Division Street in Bend.  The caller reported that Gilliam had stolen a car belonging to the Shepherd’s House.  Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the car shortly after the call and attempted to stop it.  They initiated overhead lights and sirens, but Mr. Gilliam did not stop, the statement said. The deputies continued to follow the car to NW Robal road near the PetSmart store.

As Gilliam approached the rear of the PetSmart store on NW Robal Road, a pursuing deputy requested supervisor approval to conduct a pursuit intervention technique (PIT maneuver).  A PIT maneuver is a technique law enforcement officers are trained in and involves a pursuing car striking a fleeing car, forcing the fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop.  Supervisor approval was provided for the PIT maneuver, the maneuver was initiated, and Gilliam’s car was stopped.

Gilliam was shot after the PIT maneuver was successfully initiated, the statement said.

“Fortunately, Adam Gilliam is expected to survive and we can all be thankful for that,” Hummel said. “A law enforcement officer’s decision whether to discharge a weapon is the most serious and consequential decision they have to make.  When they decide to shoot, the public rightfully asks why, and whether the decision was appropriate and legal. My job is to answer these questions, and I will.  I expect this investigation to be completed relatively soon and at that time I’ll release to the public my legal conclusion and the factual basis for it.”

The name of the deputy or deputies who fired has not yet been released.

Shortly after the shooting, the Tri-County Major Incident Team was deployed to the scene and the Bend Police Department was assigned as the lead agency.  Hummel and Sheriff Shane Nelson responded to the scene shortly after the incident.

Also responding to the scene were members of the Oregon State Police Forensic Laboratory who processed the on-site evidence, according to the statement.





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