▶️ New 3D mammogram machine proves convenient for Madras St. Charles patients


In her 16 years as a patient at St. Charles in Madras, Debbie Taylor has seen the hospital’s technology progress.

“My first child born in 2006, her images were on x-ray film,” Taylor said. “So I’ve seen a lot that’s grown and changed.”

The hospital’s most recent change is moving from 2D to 3D mammogram technology.

The new machine was brought to Jefferson County through a partnership between Central Oregon Radiology Associates and St. Charles.

Once again, Taylor experienced the change firsthand.

“I was very comfortable,” Taylor said. “I mean obviously you’re needing to get yourself situated for the machinery to take the best images, but Stefanie was very professional with that, very communicative of what the process would be, and six images later I was done and out the door.”

Mammographer Stefanie Brown says the imaging is noticeably better.

“With 2D we saw a lot of superimposed tissue that we were like, is that a mass? Is that not a mass?” Brown said. “Now with the 3D being able to slice through that, we can give them the most confidence that they had the best mammogram possible.”

The new machine also provides a form of convenience Jefferson County hasn’t seen before.

“This really brings a higher level of diagnostic quality to our patients, and really prevents them from having to drive to Redmond to receive the care,” David Golda, St. Charles Madras hospital administration Vice President said. “Which they had been doing for many years.”

About 50 women, including Taylor, received a mammogram on this machine in just the last two weeks.

The technology and experience is an improvement for both patients and technicians.

“I support the changes and the growth that St. Charles is having here in Madras,” Taylor said. “I think it’s just going to move us forward.”

According to St. Charles, a majority of insurance carriers cover 3D mammograms and patients should not see an increase in cost from a 2D mammogram.

However, St. Charles adds that patients should always check with their insurance to ensure there will be no surprises.


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