▶️ Negotiations resume as St. Charles medical techs in Bend strike for 7th day


Contract negotiations resumed between St. Charles Bend, its medical technicians, and a federal mediator Wednesday morning.

As negotiations took place, employees continued to strike for the seventh day.

Rachel Maida has been a respiratory therapist at St. Charles Bend for more than eight years.

Maida had hoped the hospital would move forward quickly and says she doesn’t know what could be going on during Wednesday’s negotiations.

“I feel like St. Charles has shown in the last week that they’re still not willing to work with us,” Maida said. “And so I’m a little unsure about it.”

Central Oregon Daily News was told by an employee that each department has a representative on the medical tech negotiating team.

Maida says these individuals have not been allowed to update those on the outside.

“At this time, everything is privileged information between them,” Maida said.

Neysa Larson is a registered nurse who has been on strike the past few days in support of her colleagues.

Larson says if medical techs remain out front, so will she.

“This is something that for us to do together, to make this look different, we have an opportunity here,” Larson said. “And so I will be here as long as they are out here.”

Without a new contract, Maida isn’t stepping back either – no matter how much she wants to be back at work.

“We’re just going to continue doing this until we get something that we feel is respectful for us,” Maida said. “And that allows us to live in this community.”

St. Charles has not yet released an update on the negotiation.


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