▶️ Cockpit video from military plane shows moment before bird strike, crash


(Editor’s note: Although you do not see the bird actually strike the plane and nobody was killed in the crash, this video may be disturbing for some)

Newly released video shows what caused the crash of a military jet in a neighborhood in Texas last year.

The heads-up display video shows the cockpit view as the Navy T-45C Goshawk was preparing to land on a runway at Naval Air Station Kingsville, about 420 miles south of Lake Worth.

It was then that a large bird flew in front of the plane, causing the plane to lose an engine.

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Seconds after the bird passes the HUD camera, loud sirens go off in the plane. The pilots then declare an emergency.

“We are trying to make it to the runway,” one pilot says as the HUD shows the runway in sight.

“We’re not going to make it. We’re going to eject,” the pilot says.

The plane then goes nose down as a recored voice says “Pull up. Pull up.”

Then the video ends.

No one was killed in the crash, but one of the pilots was electrocuted after being caught in power lines.


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