▶️ It’s National Thrift Shop Day, but even these stores are fighting inflation


Wednesday was National Thrift Shop Day. Cheap prices are the draw for most customers to the resale stores, but those prices are rising.

Thrift stores are feeling the effects of inflation, some more than others.

“I’ve noticed like the shoes, they were $5 a pair and now they’re $10,” shopper Glenda Renzetti said. “The prices have gone up dramatically.”

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The Humane Society Thrift Store in Bend says its doing what it can to keep prices low, but it’s also having to gradually increase what it charges.

“Every year we go up in price just a little bit,” store manager Diana London said. “If it was $6 last year, it was $7 this year.

The average clothing item at the Humane Society is $8-$10, London says. 47% of the profits go toward the Humane Society Shelter.


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