▶️ Name Your Price: New RDM hotel empowers guests


Redmond’s newest hotel has a unique form of customer service.

“We want people to be forthcoming with their stay.”

Through Soul Community Planet-Redmond’s fair trade pricing, you can pay what you prefer if your stay was not up to par.

“We tell every guest at check-in that if there’s anything wrong with their stay, during their stay, please let one of us know so that we can fix it immediately,” said GM Tobias Colvin. “But if for some reason at the end of their stay there’s still something wrong, we want to make sure we make it right and we want you to name your price.”

Like any hotel, SCP Redmond has set prices for rooms upon arrival, ranging from $100 to $200 dollars a night during their off-season.

But never will you find yourself paying more than what you think your stay was worth.

“We want to have feedback on our product, and if something goes wrong, we want that to empower them to name their own price at checkout,” Colvin said. 

SCP Redmond has been open for less than two weeks, and has already put its promise to use.

“We have had a few hiccups here and there, and we have actually adjusted prices before they’ve actually asked,” he said. “Because they’ve noted little things that have gone wrong, and we want to make sure that they felt whole before they left.”

Ultimately, the hotel relies on the honesty of their guests.

“We want people to walk out this door saying we had a great experience at SCP Redmond, and we’re going to definitely come back.”


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