Mustangs to the Rescue hosts yearly animal emergency rescue training


Cheers and hollers drifted up from a corral in southeast Bend Sunday afternoon as groups competed in an exercise during a Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue training session.

The yearly training at Mustangs to the Rescue welcomed 14 cadets from Oregon Youth Challenge, seven members of the Pet Evacuation Team, two people from Howard Haven Animal Sanctuary in Washington, and several other crew members from the host organization. 

Executive Director Kate Beardsley invited Dr. Rebecca Husted from Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Inc. from Georgia to deliver the crucial training.

“We want our community members to know what to do when the unthinkable happens,” Beardsley said. “We want them to be prepared, we want them to do preventative measures, and then we certainly want them to know what to do especially in the first 20 minutes, it really makes a difference in the outcome.”

The training involved learning how to pull animals out of stuck positions in mud or rocks, using special straps and buckles. 

“We have a technical response team, so we respond to horses in dire need in the technical manner,” Beardsley said. “We respond to a trail horse over a cliff, or a cow in a well, something bogged down, or maybe a horse stuck in their horse trailer, or perhaps it’s a horse trailer wreck.” 

She said organizations like the fire department, law enforcement, veterinarians, farriers, and animal welfare have participated in the trainings in the past. 

Denny Holiday, the Vice President of the La Pine Rodeo Association, decided to join the Pet Evacuation Team after helping house rescued animals on the rodeo grounds last summer during fire season. 

Sunday was his first time participating in this specific training. 

“Before, I could just kind of guess at it and do the best I could from my knowledge in the past, but now this gives us a little better background to know what’s available to us,” he said. 

If you or your organization would like more information about future animal rescue trainings at Mustangs to the Rescue, visit their website at


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