▶️ Museum at Warm Springs celebrates 30th Tribal Member and Youth Exhibit


History, culture and artwork are all in the same place at the Museum at Warm Springs.

“Just beautiful customs and cultures here. And nowadays there’s a lot of contemporary artwork,” said Curator Exhibit Coordinator Angela Smith. “So we’re just out to have a good time tonight and just share what we all do.”

The Museum at Warm Springs is Celebrating its 30th annual Warm Springs Tribal Member and Youth Exhibit.

“We enjoy each other and the art is always fun to see,” Smith said. “So that’s the reason is just to get together and celebrate.”

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Members of the reservation of all ages submitted their unique pieces.

“(It’s) great that people can have artwork like this that depicts stories and folktales and myths from long ago,” said 10-year-old Warm Springs artist Mateyis Penny-Jackson.

Expressing yourself through art.

“Finding out that I had cancer and overcoming it and just a whole bunch of different random things that happened. And so I wanted to try to portray it as really high and feminine energy and just overcoming things, which put me in a dark place, but realizing that there’s a lot of light past it,” said artist Charlene Moody-Dimmick.

For some, they are making that art for as long as they can.

“I’m getting to an age where my eyes are getting bad. And this is probably one of the last pieces that I’ve done that’s really, really nice,” said 76-year-old Warm Springs artist Delcie Scott-Miller. “I’m really honored, and I encourage all the younger people to get into it.”

The Museum is closing December 18 – January 31 for renovations.


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