▶️ Museum at Warm Springs kicks off year-end fundraiser


The Museum at Warm Springs kicks off its year-end fund raising campaign.

Other local businesses in Oregon are trying to help the museum increase their membership outreach including the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, JEfferson County Historical Society and the Old Mill District in Bend.

You can contribute by visiting museumatwarmsprings.com or sending it in by mail to The Museum at Warm Springs, P.O. Box 909, Warm Springs OR 97761.

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Here is more from the Museum at Warm Springs:

(WARM SPRINGS, Ore., October 11, 2022) — The Museum at Warm Springs has kicked off its 2022 year-end fundraising campaign. Designed and built to Smithsonian Institution standards in 1993, The Museum at Warm Springs is a very special place of cultural and historical importance to the Warm Springs people. 

The Museum’s 2022 successes included:

·      “28th Annual Warm Springs Tribal Member Exhibit,” a popular annual exhibit celebrating the artistic creativity and excellence of Warm Springs Tribal members. Featured were 50 exquisite examples of paintings, drawings, mixed-media, beadwork, weavings, video, photography and more in two categories of Traditional and Contemporary Art by 27 Warm Springs artists. 

·      “Savages and Princess: The Persistence of Native American Stereotypes,” a traveling exhibit from ExhibitsUSA, a program of Mid-Atlantic Arts Alliance, that featured 12 contemporary Native American visual artists who reclaim their right to represent their identities as Native Americans.

·      “Faces from the Land: A Photographic Journey Through Native America by Ben and Linda Marra,” a traveling exhibition from Ben and Linda Marra documenting the proud spirit and identity of Native American powwow dancers throughout the United States and Canada. (On view through October 29, 2022)

·      An array of traditional summer arts classes, which included: Advanced Wapaas Weaving, Jingle Dress Making, Columbia River Plateau Vest Making, Wasq’u Side-bag and Crown Making, Men’s and Women’s Plateau Leggings and Hider Making, Wasq’u Dress Making, Breastplate Making, Tule Making, Cedar Bark Basket Making and Patłapa (Basket Hat) Weaving.

·      The Museum’s Collections room has been cleaned, organized and equipped with new conservation equipment courtesy of a grant from Roundhouse Foundation.

·      Through a significant U.S. Congressional grant, an overhaul of The Museum’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is underway.

·      Following a break-in at the Museum, a grant from The Spirit Mountain Community Fund provided a professional analysis of security needs and the design, upgrade, replacement of lighting and cameras on the west side of the Museum.

·      A two-year grant from Visit Bend Sustainability Fund will start providing for restoration of several Museum exterior restoration projects.

·      Two new beautiful new Museum directional signs on Highway 26 will be installed this year courtesy a grant from Visit Central Oregon.

·      The Museum continued to work closely with partner organizations, including the High Desert Museum, Confluence Project, Warm Springs Culture and Heritage Program, and Native Arts and Cultures Foundation.

On November 15, The Museum will open a new exhibition, the “29th Annual Tribal Member and Youth Art Exhibit.” Many generations of beautiful artistry in paintings, drawings, mixed-media, beadwork, weavings, video, photography and more, in two categories of Traditional and Contemporary Art will be on display through February 11, 2023. (The deadline for Warm Springs Tribal members and youth to submit artwork is Saturday, October 15.)

“Despite two years of navigating a world in constant flux during the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m proud to report that The Museum at Warm Springs rebounded quickly and had a busy and productive 2022,” says Museum Executive Director Elizabeth A. Woody (Warm Springs, Yakama and Diné). “To everyone who has supported us in the past, we are grateful. We humbly ask you to support us again with a year-end contribution so we can continue developing stellar exhibitions, classes and workshops, and many other new artistically and culturally significant programs. We are looking forward to an exciting 2023!”

Give to the Year-End Campaign

Visit https://museumatwarmsprings.com or mail your contribution postmarked by December 31, 2021 to The Museum at Warm Springs, P.O. Box 909, Warm Springs OR 97761. Consider a matching gift to one of The Museum’s partners, the Oregon Cultural Trust. A gift to the Trust (up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly, and $2,500 for class-C corporations) is a tax credit, a dollar-for-dollar reduction for any Oregon taxes owed. Double the impact on Oregon culture; tax dollars that are re-directed to the Trust support Oregon culture. The Oregon Cultural Trust is a generous supporter of The Museum at Warm Springs.


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