▶️ Chair lift inspections and ‘snow farming’ at Mt. Bachelor as season delayed


The slopes of Mt. Bachelor, and the lifts that scale them will stay closed for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“We really wanted to get one of the chair lifts open, but once we groomed it down there, there was about 4-6 inches of snow on it and it’s still pretty soft. So we really couldn’t open it,” Communications and Marketing Director for Mt. Bachelor John Sereni said.

The staff was working Wednesday to prepare for the coming season, which now is set for Nov. 30. That work includes performing last inspections on the chair lifts to “snow farming.”

“When the snow does come, we want to make sure we have a good base particularly in the loading area and the unloading area of the chair lifts,” Sereni said. “That’s why they’re farming the snow so they can push it in. It requires about a foot or two of snow under the lift in order to be able load people onto that lift.”

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The chairs may not be open, but there is no shortage of activities to celebrate a snow day at the base of the mountain.

“We’re still making the most of it. Everyone chopped it up and raked and we’re having a great time,” snowboarder Donovan Lawler said. “Everyone’s out here getting it done still. It’s kind of even more special in a way when it’s everyone that really cares about it, out here putting some work in to make it happen. Shout out to Mt. Bachelor providing us a space to do this. Other resorts, take lead.”


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