▶️ No snow, no skiing…Mt. Bachelor postpones opening day


Mt. Bachelor announced Tuesday a lack of snow has forced the ski area to postpone opening day.

Historically, the mountain has slated the day after Thanksgiving as opening day but recent warm temperatures have made that impossible.

The delay wasn’t a surprise to the mountain’s Brand and Marketing Director Leigh Capozzi.

“We’ve been tracking snow, forecasted storms, all the activity…yesterday it was important to make the call and share with the community we need to postpone opening day,” she said.

The resort rescheduled opening day for Dec. 3rd – but even that appears in doubt.

The National Weather Service extended forecast for Mt. Bachelor calls for a only couple of days with a chance of snow and total accumulations of up to 7 inches.

Capozzi said they have high hopes for Dec. 3rd.

“There’s a couple storms in the forecast here,” she said. “We’re pretty confident in the 14-day forecast, and then beyond that, particularly when it’s on the edge of whether it’ll be full snow or mixed precipitation rain, in the next couple days we’ll be able to see beyond those dates.”

Any guests who pre-purchased lift tickets, rentals, or lessons before December 3 will be refunded — no guest action is required.

Local hotels haven’t seen many changes for the week of the 27th.

“We are getting a lot more group reservations, but as far as just individuals going to visit the mountain, I haven’t seen as much of that,” LOGE Associate General Manager Jesse Henninger said.

“I think that push may be affecting that a little bit, because we are waiting for that date to hit and then we’re expecting kind of more of a heavy in-flow coming in.”

Campfire Hotel General Manager Daniel Elder said they haven’t seen any changes in reservations since the announcement.

“With Mt. Bachelor, what we find is that Airbnb and Vrbo, your house rentals, are what a lot of people who are traveling to Bend for snowboarding and skiing…that’s where they’re staying,” he said.

Henninger said bookings have not been unusual for this time of year.

“It’s not quite snowing down here yet so I think people are holding off for that Christmas vacation and the mountain being open so they can go hit it whenever they want,” he said.

Mt. Bachelor will remain OPEN for Uphill Travel through Sunday, November 28.

“The gates are open, folks are still hiking and cruising around,” Capozzi said. “Over Thanksgiving weekend, that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we will be open here at the resort.

“Our Gravity Sports pro shop will be open…you can do pass pickups, and we’ll also have our Clearing Rock Bar and our deck open…by then there should be some snow on the ground so you can play a little bit in the snow as well and enjoy that holiday week up here in the mountains.”

Previously, it had planned to close the gates by the end of day on Sunday, November 21 to prep the mountain for opening.

However, due to postponement, Mt. Bachelor will close gates for Opening Day prep Sunday, November 28 end of day.

For more information, please visit its Uphill Travel Page.


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