▶️ Mountain View HS, Univ. of Oregon grad to appear on Jeopardy!

It’s a long way from Mountain View High School but Amy Kimmel, class of 1993, finally got the chance to do something she has loved since growing up in Bend: Be a contestant on Jeopardy!

“Huge fan. Third generation fan. So my mom used to watch with her mom. Growing up I watched with my mom,” Kimmel said.

Over the years, Kimmel says she has taken the test to become a contestant on Jeopardy! several times.

Last January, she got the call to move on to round two of interviews.

Kimmel’s episode runs Monday, December 7th after football on ABC.

“I did two rounds of Zoom auditions then got the call that I could come tape an episode in September,” Kimmel said.

Besides being a lifelong fan, who still texts her mother to see if they both got the final Jeopardy! question correct, Kimmel has a solid Jeopardy! pedigree.

After high school in Bend, she went to the University of Oregon and then onto law school.

For 15 years she was a practicing attorney, before returning to law school to mentor students on their future careers.

“You absolutely never know and that’s what I tell my students all the time. You never know where life will take you,” she said. “You never know what opportunities you’ll have. To have the time on Jeopardy happen during a pandemic and everything else wild that’s happened in 2020, I would have never guessed that.”

The timing proved perfect for the lifelong fan.

She was in the studio to tape her episode about a month before Alex Trebek’s last show.

“I was so thrilled and honored to be able to be on the show with Alex Trebek,” Kimmel said. “Incredibly kind and warm. Genuinely seemed interested in chatting with us and clearly loved his job.”



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