▶️ Skyliner lift repaired; should operate when Bachelor opens Nov. 25


The Skyliner Lift — one of Mount Bachelor’s primary chairlifts — is repaired and should be in service when the mountain opens in two weeks.

Repairs to the Skyliner Lift are well underway and if all goes according to schedule, it should open with the rest of Mt. Bachelor on November 25.

The bull wheel on the top of Skyline Lift failed last winter. A new one had to be custom made and delivered to the mountain on a flat bed truck

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“They hooked it up behind a cat and dragged it up there. They already had the bull rigging up there, they just popped the bull wheel back on,” said Johnny Sereni, Mt. Bachelor Director of Marketing and Communications. “The cable is already on with the chairs they just have to refit the cable. It all went smoothly and now they are testing it.”

Availability of the Skyliner Lift answers one of the most frequently asked questions that Mount Bachelor is fielding these days.

The other is: with all the snow, will the mountain open early?

“This is a big operation to wind up. That’s why it’s good to have a date to open and November 25 is ours,” Sereni said.

“We bring on about 1,000 staff and we train them up ready for that time. All our equipment has to be checked and ready. All our winter stuff has to be brought out. All our summer stuff has to be put away. We have to get it all groomed and ready.”

Mount Bachelor welcomes people who want to hike up toward the cone and ski and snowboard down, and plenty of people are doing so.


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