▶️ VIDEO: Idaho moose attacks snowmobiler


A moose attacked a snowmobiler in Idaho and the incident was caught on video.

It happened near Palisades, not far from the Wyoming border.

“We were going up to Palisades for the day, up to a hot spring. So we were riding along the trail and my
brother got ahead of us on the snowmobile. And as he got ahead of us, this moose came out and got
between us,” said Jeremiah Bigelow.

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They thought the moose would go on its way, across the trail in the direction it was facing. But it

“It started getting agitated. So I put my sled in reverse and I look behind. But my boy had pulled up right
behind me and he was on an older sled. He couldn’t go reverse, so we’re kind of stuck. So the moose
charged us,” said Jeremiah.

That attack was a false alarm. The moose then surprised them by going for the other brother
ahead. It turned into a game of intimidation. Jeremiah’s brother tried to act big by extending his arms,
but it didn’t work.

“Moose jumps right onto the snow machine, and then they’re both kind of stunned. Moose is on the
ground, and then the moose comes up and its face is covered in snow. And then there’s a weird
standoff for a second where they’re staring each other. And then I started moving forward on my snow
machine to scare it off in case it attacked again. And then it ran off,” said Jeremiah.

The moose and Jeremiah’s brother were not hurt from the incident. The snowmobile did take a beating
and was fixed soon after.

“The moose is going to charge us no matter what. So once it was charged, we should have gotten our sleds
turned around and then my brother should have given it more space and just giving it space to do its
thing. It just happened really fast,” said Jeremiah.


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