New mobile app helps Nordic skiers navigate Meissner Sno Park


Want to know what conditions are before heading out for some cross country or skate skiing at Meissner Sno Park?

Well guess what? There’s an app for that!

The Meissner Nordic app arrives just in time for the smart phone-toting holiday crowds now descending on Meissner Sno Park. 

Whether you are an experienced local who knows every inch of Meissner Nordic’s 40 kilometers of trails, or a newbie trying cross country or skate skiing for the first time, the new Meissner Nordic app provides useful information.

“About a week ago I got a call from James. He’s an app developer here in town,” said Steve Roti, President of Meissner Nordic Ski Club. “He said ‘I’d like to make app for Meissner Nordic.’ I said ‘Sure, sign us up.’ I gave him all our data sources that we use for our website. He made an app in the space of a week. We announced it last night and people are already using it today.”

The Meissner Nordic app became available Tuesday in the Google and Apple stores for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

The first skier I spoke with is already using it.

“The nice thing about the app is not having to look at seven different places for weather information, Facebook for skiing conditions, trail maps in another place. I think it will be useful to have it all in one place,” said Colleen Caleshu, Bend.

James Montemagno developed the Meissner Nordic app.

He describes it as providing grooming and weather reports, announcements, events, and trail maps…everything you need for a fantastic cross-country ski trip.

“He did it out of the goodness of his heart,” Roti said. “I think most people who come here these days have smart phones. He’s probably going to get thousands of downloads.”

“I’m one of those Bend locals that has the Bachelor app and now the Meissner app and all the GPS map apps,” Caleshu said.

The Meissner Nordic app does not require a cell phone connection to display maps and user locations, a very useful feature for those out skiing during a snowstorm.


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