▶️ 10-year-old named Miracle helps deliver baby sister


First responders from North County Fire and Rescue and Central County 911 in Missouri dressed out in their Class A uniforms to honor 10-year-old Miracle Moore on Wednesday.

On Oct. 23, Miracle became a hero.

“She was in a lot of pain and I felt bad so I wanted to help her,” Moore said, as she was surrounded by her family Wednesday night.

Miracle was home with her mom, Viola and, her five-year-old sister, Taylor. Mom wasn’t supposed to have her baby for another three weeks, but beautiful little Jayla decided to make an early arrival.

“It feels amazing,” Viola Fair explained. “It’s kind of nice because I wouldn’t have known what to do. I would have left. I wouldn’t have known how to deliver a baby.”

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911 Dispatcher Scott Stranghoener was the one guiding Miracle on the other end of the call.

“We’re making sure she took off any clothing below the waist, she laid down, not sitting up, we had to have her get some towels and supplies before the baby arrived,” Stranghoener said.

“She did amazing. she never questioned anything,” Strangheoner explained. “She did exactly as she was asked and we’re left with a beautiful baby girl.”

Strangheoner said children usually make the best dispatch callers because they listen to directions better than adults

“You tone down your voice, try to make sure no aggression or attitude,” Strangheoer shared. “You make sure the child is comfortable. You try and get their name and use their name to make them feel secure.”

“Miracle was like in my face, hands-on,” Viola said. “She was like you okay, you need anything, need to lay down, why can’t you lay down, you need my help and I was like no. I was very thankful.”

“Mama it’s okay, Mama it’s okay,” Miracle said on the 911 dispatch call, trying to calm Viola.

“My baby was like, actually not getting enough oxygen when coming out,” Fair explained. “[EMS] didn’t want to let you know that. They were like we can take the baby from you, we can get her to cry, are you okay, look at her she has her eyes open. I was really thankful for that.”

“Everything went perfect,” Paramedic Blake Alicea shared. “I couldn’t have asked for a better miracle or anyone else on scene. everyone played their part. I haven’t seen it before. I’ve been a paramedic for five months. she is super brave for what she did.”

To celebrate this miracle, Scott, and other first responders brought Christmas a little early for the Moores.

It’s clear Baby Jayla is the greatest gift this season.

“She’s really cute. She doesn’t cry a lot and I get to hold her a lot,” Miracle said.

Miracle said the entire experience has her thinking she might pursue a medical career, but first, she wants to pass the fourth grade.


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