▶️ ‘We hate our gas prices too’: Gas station sign tries to bring humor


The owner of a Minnesota gas station is mixing a little fun with the gas price frustration. He has a sign that says “We hate our gas pices too.”

The average national price of gas Monday was $5.01 per gallon, a new record. It’s $4.76 in Minnesota.

The owner of Murphy’s Service Center in St. Anthony, Minn., is Chuck Graff. With his hands tied on prices, the least he can do is help his customers smile about it.

“It’s just kind of our way of letting the customer know that we feel their pain,” said Graff.

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Drivers said they appreciate the levity and empathy as they pull in to fill their tanks and cough up the cash.

“If you don’t have humor about it, you’re just going to sit there any cry,” said Kyle Mohs.

“It’s nice that they’re having a little fun with it,” said Daud Nooh. “I mean, life has it’s challenges always, so it’s good to just put a little humor in life.”

Nooh gave his larger vehicle a break to drive a sedan around instead to save where he can.

“With the other car I was driving it cost $100 almost to fill it up. So with this one I’m driving here, it’s $50, so it’s a big drop-off,” said Nooh.

Mohs is filling up his truck for a grand total of $120 on Thursday afternoon. He’s reminded by that comedic message that this surge is not any station’s fault.

“There’s nothing they can do about it either, so to pay $5 a gallon of gas, it hurts the wallet, but you have to,” said Mohs.

Nineteen other states, including Oregon, have already surpassed $5 per gallon for unleaded.


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