▶️ ‘A nice house would be sweet’: Central Oregonians try luck at Mega Millions


The Mega Millions jackpot is $1.28 billion headed into Friday night’s drawing. Plenty of Central Oregonians were apparently feeling lucky.

We spoke with locals at a Quickway Market in Bend to ask them what they would spend their winning money on.

“I think just a home, and probably a vacation home,” said Kacey Shores.

“For myself? Housing,” said Sherry Vasquez.

“A nice house would be sweet,” said Quickway Clerk DJ McCracken.

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The big question making employers nervous: Would you quit your job?

“I don’t know that I would go back to work mainly because I love being home with my kids, but I know we would invest in my husband’s business more,” said Shores. 

“I would probably retire,” said Vasquez.

“I fight fire in the summer running heavy equipment. So I’d just make my own business to be a contractor,” said McCracken. 

Investing and building a business was the main thought on most people’s minds that I spoke with. 

“I can’t be vacationing all the time. I’d get bored,” said McCracken.

Not everyone is all about the Mega Million mindset.

“There’s just no point of taking a small risk when that could pay for rent or food,” said Brian Wyant.

Aside from buying a house and letting the glorious feeling of financial security wash over them, these locals said they would spread the love.

“I would make sure everyone’s homes were paid off,” said Shores. “My aunt doesn’t own a home. I’d love to buy her a home and just take care of my family more than anything.”

“I would share with my family, my kids. If I won that much, geez, it could be a lot,” said Vasquez.

“I’d share a bunch of it,” said McCracken. “I don’t need a whole lot.”

Ticket buyers certainly ranged. Many only spent $2 while one man dropped $200. His chances? Close to none, but that’s half the fun.

The prize money will continue to increase every day until someone picks all six numbers correctly.


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