‘Medal of Honor Highway Across America’ completed in Massachusetts


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed legislation designating the 153 mile US Highway 20 across Massachusetts as “Massachusetts Medal of Honor Highway.”

With that act, Massachusetts joined 11 other states located along the 3,365 mile US Hwy 20 in creating the unofficial “Medal of Honor Highway Across America” on the longest highway in the United States.

The Bend Heroes Foundation has been pushing for five years for formal recognition of Hwy 20 as the “National Medal of Honor Highway.”

Collectively, the 12 states honor about 60% of our nation’s 3,515 Medal of Honor recipients from all 50 states and territories who received the Medal of Honor award since first established by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War 161 years ago, according to the foundation. 

Those behind the idea of the highway requested Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden to sponsor legislation by the US Congress designating the “National Medal of Honor Highway.”

It would be cosponsored in the House of Representatives by Pennsylvania Representative Mike Kelly, said Dick Tobiason, chairman of Bend Heroes Foundation.



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