▶️ Deschutes County sheriff: Measure 114 response will not be priority


Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson says enforcing Measure 114, Oregon’s new gun law, will not be a response priority for his office.

In a post on Facebook, Nelson said his office is working on plans to implement the Measure 114 gun permit process. But he says the office is struggling to staff its ranks.

“Given our limited law enforcement resources, our response to violations of measure 114 will not be a priority for our office,” Nelson said.

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Nelson also said he continues to have concerns over whether the measure is constitutional, which he says will be determined by the courts.

As head of the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, Nelson spoke out against the measure prior to the election.

“This measure will not make our community safer,” Nelson said on Oct. 24. “In fact, it will put our communities at greater risk for violence because it requires every sheriff’s office and police agency to devote scarce safety resources to background systems that already exist.”


Earlier this week, Crook County said it would consider Measure 114 cases a low priority.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jason Pollock went a step further, saying his office will not enforce the measure.

Oregon State Police on Wednesday announced Measure 114 will go into effect on December 8.


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