▶️ Discussion of Oregon Measure 114 increases after Bend Safeway shooting


Measure 114 — a citizen-initiated proposal aims to change how one can buy a gun — will be on the ballot this November. 

If it’s passed by voters, changes would include:

  • Banning ammunition magazines that carry more than 10 rounds
  • Require people to apply for a permit in order to purchase a firearm.
  • Pay a fee
  • Submit a photo identification and be fingerprinted
  • Complete safety training

The measure would also overwrite a gun sales loophole.

“In Oregon, today, after three days, if you don’t pass [a background check] and the results don’t come back, you can still get the gun if the dealer decides to give it to you,” said Reverend Doctor Mark Knutson, chair of Lift Your Voice, Oregon. “It’s called the Charleston Loophole.”

Knutson says the measure will not confiscate weapons that are already legally-owned. He also believes it is a step forward in making communities safer. 

Discussions are mounting over the measure in light of the shooting at Safeway’s eastside Bend location Sunday. A Safeway worker and a customer were killed.

On the streets of Downtown Bend, we heard from people clearly for and against 114.

“I would vote for the gun control measure, Miles Lundgren told us. “Especially for the background checks.”

Linda Anzellotti disagrees. 

“It should not even be on the ballot,” Anzellotti said. “We already have a law in place and that’s the Second Amendment.”

“I am not for passing any more laws. We do not need anymore laws,” Carol Carson said. “We have a good Constitution. This country is based on freedom.”

Jane Loveday voiced her support.

“We were just one of three shootings that day across the country,” Loveday said referencing Sunday’s shooting. “When’s it going to stop? People I know who have a permitted conceal carry, they’re absolutely for it, too. This shouldn’t happen.

Questions on which way most Oregonians will go on this will be decided November 8.


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