▶️ Destination Oregon: McMenamins Grand Lodge


What does a former rest home have in common with a funky hotel and concert venue? Well, more than you might imagine. There’s place in Oregon’s Willamette Valley that combines the past with the present.

For 77 years, from 1922 to 1999, it was a Masonic rest home. Members and their families who could not live on their own called this place home.

It’s the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. And by all accounts, it was a good life.

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The Masons ran the rest home until 1999 when McMenamins bought it to turn it into a lodging and entertainment venue.

Today, it is the vibrant, funky, whimsical McMenamins Grand Lodge. Music, dining, art, beer and wine, lodging — it’s the total McMenamins experience.

The artwork and décor almost demand that you wander around and soak it all in.

There is an on-site outdoor concert venue, a movie theater and the grounds are Willamette Valley beautiful. A stroll with your favorite beverage is a must.

There are no TV’s in the rooms and that is as it should be. Get out and wander. You never know what you’ll stumble on to at the Grand Lodge.


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