▶️ ‘It’s just surreal’: Maupin Track of Dreams opens

After three years, a pipe dream to build a world class track and field facility in the tiny town of Maupin has finally become a reality. The community about 80 miles north of Bend just held a triumphant grand opening for a project that captured the imagination of an 8th grade girl and her family — and eventually the entire town.
It’s called the “Track of Dreams.”
From a dream to drawings to dirt being moved. Now, finally, the sight of high school athletes competing. The Track of Dreams has become a fully-formed reality.
The surface and striping were laid down just in time for South Wasco County to host their district track meet. And just in time for that 8th grader — now high school senior — Holly Miles to compete, at home, on a real track for the first time.
“It’s just surreal” Holly said, a word repeated by many in the community. “To actually be able to walk on it physically and not just walk on it in your head.”
Holly Miles
Holly Miles
The name “Track of Dreams” is an ode to “Field of Dreams.” And it was fitting — a town so small with a dream so big, who would have ever thought it could happen? 

Thankfully, a passionate group of people were crazy enough to believe it would.

And it did.

“Having 18 teams show up here today for the district meet and all of these kids be here, warming up for the discus and the pole vault happening over here and the shot down at the other end. All of these people here today — not to make it a total cliche, but it is the Track of Dreams. We’ve built it and now they have come,” said Rob Miles, Holly’s dad.

“Some say things like this don’t happen in Maupin. But now I can officially say, yes, things like this do happen in Maupin,” said Jim Hull, South Wasco County School District Athletic Director.

Maupin Track of Dreams starting line
Runners take their marks on the Track of Dreams in Maupin, Ore.

Yes, more work is still to be done. Lights need to be installed. Grandstands need to be put in. But the money has already been raised and the track is operational.

One of the major donors was Holly’s grandfather, Dan Carver. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could see the track competed. But his love for track and field and his legacy will live on. The 200-meter corner that has a breathtaking view of the Deschutes River has been named the “Carver Curve.”
If you build it, they will run.
Maupin did build it. And the kids are running. And they will be for generations to come.
Maupin Track of Dreams overlooking Deschutes River
Maupin Track of Dreams overlooking Deschutes River

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