▶️ You tooted: Here’s what to know about Twitter alternative Mastodon


A couple weeks ago, there were reports of mass layoffs at Twitter. And in the past few days, there has been mass quitting after Musk pushed workers to sign a pledge for a “hardcore” work schedule and placed for restrictions for those who want to work remotely.

Now some insiders are reporting that things are falling aport at the company, with some industry experts saying the platform could be on the verge of a total crash.

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Where will Twitter users go if the platform dies? Besides Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, there are some micro-blogging platforms that are seeing a jump in new accounts and users.

Mastodon has benefited most from the Twitter drama. More than 1 million people have created Mastodon accounts in the pat week. 

The verbiage is different. You don’t tweet on Mastodon. You toot. And retweets are called boosts.

New user complain it’s hard to understand how Mastodon works and it is confusing when ou start to create an account. Users are first required to choose a server where their account is hosted. Each server has its own teams, privacy options and content policies.

Some servers are set up for gamers, tech enthusiasts, metal music fans, journalists and more. There are also servers for specific regions of the world.

Tooting isn’t challenging — there is a 500-character limit. But finding people on Mastodon may take some time when you start.

Tumblr is still very active with more than 500 million blogs on its site. It’s more like a blog than Twitter with long-form posts and videos.

Then there’s Parler, which drew a lot of new users when former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter.

One thing to know if you want to leave Twitter. If you deactivate your account, you have 30 days to change your mind and reactivate it. If you don’t reactivate it in that time, then your username will be available to anyone else who wants to take it.


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