▶️ Masked and excited, OSU-Cascades students return to campus


Around 130 students moved into the residence hall on the OSU-Cascades campus this past weekend.

While this year will look different than years in the past, students said they still hope to make it a positive experience.

“Everybody I’ve talked to has friends or has had friends who currently aren’t on a campus, who are at home right now, and they are missing out on this experience that we get to have,” Erin Hocraffer, a first-year student, said. “So we should not be taking that for granted.”

Hocraffer is immunocompromised which makes her living on campus risky, but she wanted the on-campus experience for her first year.

“I really wanted to come here because of the community,” Hocraffer said. “It’s so important as Bend Beavs that we keep everyone in mind.”

All students had to be tested for COVID-19 before they moved into the residence hall. Test results released Monday showed each one of the residents tested negative.

“It’s probably better news than what we hoped for,” Christine Coffin, Director of Communications for OSU Cascades, said. “But it is a snapshot in time.”

Both Hocraffer and Coffin said students are receptive to following guidelines.

“Overall the incoming students have been tremendously positive and they’ve been very supportive of the policies we have in place for wearing face coverings and the physical distancing,” Coffin said. “I think they’re excited to get to know each other, even behind the face masks.”

OSU Cascades is offering a hybrid model for classes, so some students will actually be in the classroom, learning at a distance, beginning Wednesday.


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