Marine law enforcement academy to train at Lake Billy Chinook


The Oregon State Marine Board will use Lake Billy Chinook for its annual marine law enforcement academy this spring. 

From April 25 through May 6, the board will train new or seasonal marine law enforcement officers on boating laws, boating safety education, boat handling, and practicing different scenarios on the water.

“The safety of Oregon’s boaters is our priority,” said Eddie Persichetti, Law Enforcement Training Coordinator for the Marine Board. “The curriculum taught at our annual academy not only focuses on marine law but also focuses on interacting with recreational boaters to educate and promote safety and positive behaviors that help reduce risks. 

“Many marine deputies and troopers are also recreational boaters themselves, so teaching the skillsets of marine enforcement, combined with promoting positive interactions on the water will benefit all boaters and create an enjoyable experience for all who recreate on Oregon’s waterways.”

In the lake itself, students will learn basic boat handling skills and practice water safety and accident prevention. Separate pool sessions at the Madras Aquatic Center will teach students advanced swimming skills, water rescue, and defensive tactics. 

The 2022 Marine Academy roster has over 60 participants, representing 17 different County Sheriff’s Offices and the Oregon State Police.    

“We’re excited to be returning to Jefferson County for the third consecutive year and strive to represent the highest standards of marine law enforcement training in the country,” Persichetti added. “We’d like to thank the continued support of the Jefferson County’s Sheriff’s Office, the community of Madras and the hospitality of Cove Palisades Resort.”

Click the link to learn more about the Marine Board’s unique partnership with marine law enforcement.


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