▶️ Running high: Local runner looks to break stigma of cannabis in athletics


A High Desert runner Stephen Snazuk is achieving a different kind of runners’ high.

“Cannabis for me gives me a lot of mental focus. Long ultra runs is a lot of mental focus. Maybe 10% endurance, 90% focus. Cannabis on the trail allows me to get into that mindset,” Snazuk said.

Running is a huge part of Snazuk’s life. He also has a passion for growing marijuana. It was only a matter of time before he paired the two together — a combination he says has enhanced his overall performance. 

“I think it helps with my performance overall,” Snazuk said. Whether it’s recovery; whether it’s running; whether it’s getting a workout down; whether it’s consuming food on the trail — nutrition. I think it has to do with everything.”

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Snazuk prefers to smoke his marijuana — a way of consumption that may have a negative impact on the lungs. 

“Sure, it might impact my lung capacity,” Snazuk said. “I’m not saying that smoke doesn’t have a negative effect on the insides, but the positive effects definitely outweigh the negatives for me.”

While Snazuk focuses his sights on his upcoming races, he’s tacking on another goal this year to break the stigma of weed in athletics.

“Bend is a mecca for drinking. They promote the Bend Beer Chase left and right. I’m not saying I don’t promote it. I run it every year and I love it. But it is ironic they promote beer and drinking and running around town — basically public intoxication. But there’s no Runner’s High 5K or anything like that,” Snazuk said.

If running high is for you, Snzauk is even considering a cannabis runner’s club. 

“It might be fun. A cannabis running club. Once a week, meet at a doghnut shop maybe,” Snazuk said.


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