Man Convicted of Punching Bend Police Chief

A Bend man who punched Bend’s Police Chief was found guilty after a one-day trial today.

Nicholas Pearson was charged with assaulting an officer and littering, all related to an incident in August involving Chief Jim Porter. Today Porter testified that he approached Pearson after he saw him stepping into traffic and throw a cup at a car.

Porter said he identified himself as a police officer and that’s when Pearson approached him, threw a cup at him and began cursing at him.

When Porter reached for his radio to call for back up, he said Pearson punched him in the face.

Pearson’s lawyer tried to argue that Pearson didn’t punch Chief Porter, but instead slapped him with an open hand, and that much of Pearson’s behavior could be attributed to his schizophrenia.

Deschutes County Judge Wells Ashby did find Pearson guilty except insane, due to his schizophrenia diagnosis.

Pearson is scheduled to be sentences on Friday.

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