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Most popular drink in the world? Water.

Second most popular? Well, it’s not coffee. It’s tea. Coffee is number three.

Tea is hugely popular around the world — lesser so in the U.S., where coffee is king. But we found a little shop in Beaverton that is out to change some minds and maybe habits.

This is Mamancy Tea and Chocolate.

Mamancy Tea offers a unique kind of tea. First, they serve only loose-leaf tea. And they also serve something called “purple tea.”

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The food is dainty, delicate and delicious. Mamancy Tea and Chocolate has a café area that enhances the tea experience.

And they make their own chocolate treats — and they are incredible. Almost too pretty to eat.


They also operate a store in Hillsboro and all of their products can be ordered online.

By the way — their number one selling tea? Chamomile relaxation tea.


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