▶️ 67 mph winds cause weekend dust storm, wreak havoc in Madras


It was a scary sight for those in Madras Saturday as winds got up to 67 mph according to the National Weather Service.

“It was moving down the street and it was taking everything with it in its path,” said Madras resident Trevor Sullens. “I mean just a wall of wind and dust came down our street. I thought all of our trees were going to break over. Neighbors had trampolines flying all over the place. A couple, one back here, another one over there.”

The next day, Sullens helped his neighbors take out a trampoline that had blown into their backyard 

A few blocks down, Malena and her family came home to damage their own trampoline caused.

“It hit the car and it busted, obviously, the side panel of the car. It hit so hard, broke the windshield, dented the top of the car, hit the fence and then hit the other fence, the side of the fence, on the left side of my neighbors,” said Malena.

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It wasn’t just her husband’s racing car that took a hit,  but the gate to their fence.

“We came back to a big mess and we weren’t expecting this or the high winds up here. It was just terrible,” Malena said. “Especially the car. We have a lot of sentimental value in the car.”

One local farmer said the severe winds wreaked havoc on his place. His barn with hay, tractors and a semi truck were all gone were burnt to a crisp. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but it’s believed to have been sparked from a downed power line — caused by the winds.

The wind storm caused road closures and power outages in some areas.


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