Madras water boil order lifted

Water faucet

11:00 a.m. Saturday update from the City of Madras:

Great news! Lab results confirm there was NO CONTAMINATION to the City of Madras water system from the construction issue yesterday. The Boil Water requirement is lifted.
Previous story from Friday 

During a water line replacement project along “G” Street and Culver Highway today, a water valve was mistakenly left open allowing potentially contaminated water to enter the city’s water delivery system.

Water samples have been taken to a lab for bacterial testing, but results will not be available until sometime Saturday. Therefore, until further notice, the City of Madras is issuing a BOIL WATER NOTICE as a precaution.

All city of Madras residents should boil water for drinking and food preparation. Bathing is safe.

Deschutes Valley Water is NOT affected.

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