▶️ Meet the new top cop in Madras, Tim Plummer


Tim Plummer is Madras Police Department’s new police chief. Recently retired from Oregon State Police, he brings 33 years of experience and looks to fix challenges both the department and the City of Madras face.

The biggest challenge for the Madras Police Department right now is staffing,” Plummer said. “When I first got here, we had one officer on per shift every day. That’s just not enough available to provide the service that the community wants and what we expect from ourselves to deliver.”

Plummer said the department is at half staff. He says more staffing will provide a larger police presence, which will aid in deterring crime and keeping the community and officers safer. 

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Plummer said he has already hired two new officers who are currently in training and is preparing to send “conditional job offers” to two new applicants.

Some Madras residents say the city is a great place to live. Others are disheartened by the crime.

“Theft is definitely an issue. I’ve seen a lot of crimes where people were getting jumped for their money and wallets,” Madras resident James Lew Powell said

“There’s crime everywhere so we expect some, but if you love Central Oregon this is a great place to live,” a second Madras resident Amy Caudill said.

One person who wished to remain anonymous said he wants to move because he says the crime has gotten so bad.

There’s too many drunks driving around here. Drug addicts. It’s just sickening to see what’s happened to this wonderful little town,” the resident said. “I’ve lived here quite a few years and I’ve maybe seen five cars pulled over in all those years. So ‘law?’ I don’t know.”

Plummer says the most common types of crimes committed in Madras are substance abuse, theft and assault.


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