▶️ Madras McDonald’s field trip shows kids where their food comes from

Madras McDonalds where food comes from

Madras fourth graders took a different kind of field trip Tuesday — to McDonald’s.

The kids from Buff Elementary toured the fast food joint to learn where they get the ingredients to make their food.

Donning McDonald’s aprons and hats, their host took them around five stations — including a small petting zoo in the parking lot.

McDonald’s Madras area supervisor Andrea Brown says it’s important to teach young kids where food really comes from.


“It’s very important that young adult, young adults, young children understand where that supply truly comes from and how much work it takes to get it to our restaurant,” Brown said.

This is the second time McDonald’s in Madras has hosted this field trip, and they plan on hosting more.

The local management says it’s just one way to support farmers by shining a light on how hard they work.


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