▶️ Police shooting in Madras in July justified, Jefferson County DA concludes


The Jefferson County District Attorney has concluded officers with the Madras Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office were justified when they shot and injured a man in Madras nearly two weeks ago.

Witnesses say Rafael Gomez, 30, was looking for unlocked cars in the parking lot of the fair grounds that Friday night, eventually pulling a rifle and magazine out of a truck.

They say he began pointing that gun at several people before police eventually caught up with him.

Officers shot and injured Gomez as he was entering the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Highway 97.

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Police found the stolen AR-15 next to Gomez, saying the rifle had jammed when he tried to fire it.

Gomez told police he wanted to be famous, according to the D.A.

You can read the full press release from the D.A.’s office here.

Madras Officer Involved Shooting Jefferson County DA report

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