▶️ Madras hit with increase of graffiti



It’s ugly, expensive to clean up and it’s all over the place in Madras.

Graffiti is being sprayed on houses, stores, churches, road signs and more.

“I’ve lived here now for eight years and this is the first time I have seen it this bad,” said Davida Plaisted, owner of Sew Dee-Liteful Quilt Shop.

Plaisted’s shop is one of several places in Madras to be hit by graffiti.

Her business was hit twice.

“It was in red paint and then the next night, Friday night, it was in blue paint,” Plaisted said.

Over the last couple of months, the City of Madras reports a spike in graffiti cases.

Madras Police say complaints about graffiti started around December 10th.

“I’ve seen it all over town,” Plaisted added. “I was just at an appointment earlier this morning and it was over by the bowling alley. I’ve seen some behind buildings as I am traveling down a road.”

Officers are trying to identify two people caught on camera causing damage.

The department is asking if you can identify them call the Madras Police Department office at 541-475-2344.

“I just attribute it to the things that are going on around the world and around the country,” Plaisted said. “Things like that. I would really love to see it stop.”

The police department is calling the graffiti a costly blight on the community.

“If you see this and you are the ones involved, please make our community livable again,” Plaisted said. “Please don’t make it look like trash.”


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