Madras working to quickly clean up after rash of graffiti

The City of Madras says its public works crews has been forced to suspend its regular duties to clean up graffiti and vandalism at city-owned building and public spaces throughout the city. The city says it wants to clean it up quickly to deter others from causing more vandalism.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the city says one person has been arrested for much of the vandalism.

“It’s evident to us that while this person was responsible for a large percentage of the vandalism, there are others adding to the problem,” said Police Services Director Steve Bartol, according to the city’s post. “Graffiti has a negative impact on businesses and the community and covering it quickly has been proven to help deter the behavior.”

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The city said property owners are responsible for removing graffiti. City code says it must be removed within 30 days. 

“We sympathize with our citizens whose properties were tagged, as cleaning this mess up on city properties has tied up two of our people for a couple of days,” said Public Works Operations Manager Chris Funk. “We’re already working a tight schedule with a small crew and managing vandalism at this level is frustrating.”

Property owners who cannot afford paint or graffiti are urged to contact City Hall. The city said it can provide paint and supplies if needed.


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