▶️ Madras woman, son convicted of abusing foster children


(WARNING: This story includes some details of child abuse that may be considered graphic and disturbing and may be difficult to read.)

A Madras mother and son have been convicted after what prosecutors say was the abuse of two foster children that included “significant” injuries.

Ogilvia Pineda-Garcia, 50, and her son Kyle Edgar Macias, 27, were convicted after a three-day bench trial. It involved a 4-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy in their care.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office says the case laid out that Pineda-Garcia took the boy to the emergency room at St. Charles in Madras in May of 2018. He had a “significant” laceration to the right side of his face that required several stitches. The hospital reported this to law enforcement because Pineda-Garcia’s explanation for how it happened didn’t match up with the injury, the DA’s Office said.

But the child didn’t express they had been abused, so they were allowed to return home with Pineda-Garcia.

In June 2018, both children were dropped off at the Department of Human Services office with multiple injuries to their bodies including cuts, bruises and abrasions. The girl was reported to have “significant hair loss,” injuries to her face, forehead, upper body and abdomen.

The children were interviewed at the KIDS Center in Bend where they disclosed they had been abused, the DA’s Office said. The boy allegedly said that, at one time, he had been kicked in the face and was held face-up under running water in the bathtub by Macias until he couldn’t breathe.

The boy also allegedly said the cut he suffered that sent him to the ER was due to being hit in the face by Pineda-Garcia with a glass mason jar that shattered.

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After serving a search warrant, law enforcement found a set of seven mason jar-type glasses at the home. Sheriff Jason Pollock, who was a detective at the time, moved the refrigerator in the home and found a glass fragment that appeared to match the seven jars, the DA’s Office said.

The person who treated the boy at the hospital testified that the injuries the boy received were consistent with being hit with a mason jar.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Brentley Foster, who prosecuted the case, commended all the agencies involved — saying that their actions may have saved these children’s lives.

“Foster further noted that the real heroes in this case were the kids who were brave enough to tell what was happening to them and face their abusers in court,” the DA’s Office said.

Pineda-Garcia was convicted of 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-degree assault, 1st-degree criminal mistreatment, unlawful use of a weapon and harassment.

Macias was convicted of 2nd- and 3rd-degree assault, 1st-degree criminal mistreatment and strangulation.

Sentencing is set for January 3.

“These cases serve as a reminder that child abuse can be occurring in an household, and if you see children that are possibly neglected or abused, please say something about it,” District Attorney Steven Leriche said in a statement.


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