Madras couple arrested in guns-for-drugs scheme; infant in car at the time


A Madras couple was arrested Monday in a multi-state guns-for-drugs scheme, according to authorities. 

Sgt. Kent Vander Kamp said the couple had been under lengthy surveillance by the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team.

Detectives believe Kylee Janette Toedtemeier, 38, was legally buying firearms in Central Oregon and giving them to her husband, 31-year-old David Toedtemeier, a convicted felon.

Together, the couple traded the guns for drugs in Northern California, Vander Kamp said.

CODE Detectives received a search warrant for the Toedtemeiers’ SUV, and pulled them over around 12:30 a.m. Monday, on Highway 97 in La Pine.

A Warm Springs K-9 alerted to illegal drugs inside the 2004 Ford Explorer Kylee Toedtemeier was driving.

While searching the SUV, detectives found large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl disguised as Oxycodone (M30) pills.

The couple’s five-week-old infant was in the backseat, surrounded by packages of illegal drugs.

David Toedtemeier also had a loaded pistol.

More guns and drugs were found in the couple’s Madras home during another search late Monday morning.

The Toedtemeiers’ infant is currently in the care of the state.

David Toedtemeier was taken to jail on charges of unlawful possession, manufacture and attempted distribution of methamphetamine and heroin, and felon in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Kylee Toedtemeier was cited and released on charges of providing firearms used in a felony, and endangering the welfare of a minor.


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