Madras boy struck by car, injured after crashing scooter into the road


An 8-year-old Madras boy was seriously injured Tuesday when he crashed his scooter, fell into the road and was struck by a car.

Police Chief Tanner Stanfill said the incident happened around 3:15 at the corner of Strawberry Lane and J Street.

An investigation showed the boy was riding a non-motorized scooter near the road and crashed into the lane of traffic on Strawberry Lane.

The driver, 24-year-old Irma Quiroz, was driving a Toyota Camry west on J Street and had just made the the turn south on Strawberry Lane near the same time the boy crashed into the road.

Having just made a sharp turn, Quiroz was driving at a slow speed, witnesses said.

But the child was hit by the car and dragged about 20 feet.

Witnesses ran to help the boy and partially lift the front of the car so he could be removed.

The boy suffered injuries from being hit and dragged and burned from the heat of the car, Stanfill said.

Quiroz cooperated with police, but she was issued a ticket for driving without a license.

The boy was taken to St. Charles in Madras and later flown to St. Charles in Bend.



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