▶️ Fishing on Lower Deschutes River returns this month


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announces fishing on the Lower Deschutes River opens later this month 

It means salmon, steelhead, trout and bass fishing will be allowed beginning August 15 from Pelton Dam downriver to Moody Rapids, just south of the Columbia River.

The restrictions were put in place back in June due to last year’s low steelhead returns.

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Here is more from ODFW:

Staff have been closely monitoring unmarked steelhead returns to Bonneville Dam starting on July 1. Early returns of A-run steelhead are sufficient to warrant re-opening the Deschutes River to angling on Aug. 15.  

“We needed to surpass 9,900 unmarked steelhead over Bonneville Dam during the month of July to open the fishery on Aug. 15 and get above conservation concern levels,” said Jason Seals, ODFW Deschutes district fish biologist. “Thankfully, we have seen some recovery from last year’s low returns. 

“We are still expecting modest returns based on our run projections to the Deschutes but within abundance levels that the fishery won’t have population impacts,” he continued. 

ODFW managers in the Deschutes will continue to monitor the run until the end of August to make sure the run does not return to critical conservations levels, as seen in 2021. At current return rates of unmarked steelhead to Bonneville Dam, it is unlikely restrictions will be re-enacted, but anglers should always check the Fishing Report for their zone for the latest regulations (click Regulation Updates) https://myodfw.com/recreation-report/fishing-report/central-zone  

For more background on summer steelhead management in the Columbia Basin and the Deschutes River steelhead fishery framework, visit https://myodfw.com/articles/steelhead-management-columbia-snake-river-basins


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