▶️ Local women attending D.C. rally share experience of chaos at the Capitol



Prineville resident Deborah Tilden says her experience in Washington D.C. this week has been mostly peaceful.

However, she is disappointed with what she saw at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon.

“It was really shocking to me,” Tilden said. “I just kept praying that there would not be an escalation.”

Tilden says she got a bad feeling once people started to make their way up the Capitol steps and began to back away herself.

“Just stay there, don’t try to breach into the building,” Tilden said. “They are doing business inside that building and they need to do their job of what we are expecting them to do.”

Bend resident Judy Thomson says if she’d had a chance to enter the Capitol, she would’ve taken it.

“I would have definitely gone,” Thomson said. “I would’ve followed them because they were patriots and all they were doing was carrying flags. No bullets, not any kind of weapon.”

Though few details have been released, a woman was shot inside the Capitol Wednesday and later died.

Tilden says violence shouldn’t have been a part of the protest. She simply wanted to be heard.

“That’s what 99.99% of people were here for,” Tilden said. “Is to make a statement that we truly care about this election.”

Tilden and her friends will return to Central Oregon tomorrow.


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