▶️ Local specialized gym slowly recovers from pandemic shutdown


OsteoStrong, a specialized gym in Bend that helps elderly clients, is back in business and recovering from the pandemic. 

When COVID-19 hit, OsteoStrong shut down out of concern for their high-risk clientele. 

OsteoStrong lost over 70% of its members and was closed for more than a month.

Co-owner Anne-Marie Amos opened OsteoStrong after her own health scare.  

“Breast cancer changes the way you think of things and changes your priorities,” Amos said. “For me that big priority change was wanting to give back to my community.”

She and her husband Layne learned how important bone density is during her cancer battle

“Osteoporosis is a decompression of the bone and what we found out is everything that can be decompressed can be recompressed,” Layne Amos said.

Members like Jennifer Syphes said they saw improvement right away.

“I had only been coming for three months when I had my scan and had an improvement by 4.7%,” Syphes said.

“What we’re doing right here is compressing that bone from the hand all the way to that clavicle,” Lanes said. “It’s called axio bone loading.”

Before the pandemic, the Amoses saw their business growing. They even considered opening another location in Central Oregon.

But everything was put on hold in March. 

“When the COVID hit, we were right at 300 members at our center,” Layne said. “When we came back after COVID we probably had around 80.”

A big part of the large drop off in clientele was because of clients’ age.

“Because of our demographic being 50 plus, COVID affected the business a lot,” Anne-Marie said. “People had a lot of different fears at a lot of different levels.”

She says, as clients feel safe, they’re coming back and getting the help they need. 

“We’re very happy. We are gaining about 20 new members a month right now,” Layne said.

OsteoStrong is back to 210 clients — a big leap from the 80.

One-third of clients are still waiting for the virus to subside before returning.


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