▶️ Local school districts explain snow closure, delay decision-making process


Most Central Oregon schools were delayed or canceled Tuesday morning due to weather and poor road conditions.

When it comes to school districts making this decision, it takes more than just a look out the window.

Across the region, school districts have their own transportation employees evaluate road conditions in the early morning hours.

Recommendations are then made to superintendents, who have the final say.

Bend-La Pine, Crook County, Redmond, and Culver school districts all experienced 2-hour delays on Tuesday.

“It really depends on the day, storm, and what time of day it hits, and that sort of thing,” Kim Crabtree, Bend-La Pine Schools director of transportation said. “Our buses can pretty much get through most conditions.”

Sheila Miller with the Redmond School District says if it looks like weather will not get worse, the school district will likely do a 2-hour delay.

“If roads just aren’t passable or weather is supposed to continue to be pretty bad, we will likely cancel school,” Miller said. “But we really try not to cancel school for weather.”

Not canceling school seems to be the goal for districts throughout Central Oregon, but safety still comes first.

“You know our families rely on the school system, to have that consistency in the schedule, but safety is our number one priority,” Jason Carr, Crook County School District communications director said. “If we feel that we can’t get students safely to school, whether that’s closing schools altogether or in the case of today doing a two-hour delay, that’s what we’re going to prioritize.”

Parents tend to be notified through a phone call or text message, and school districts also post to social media early in the morning.

If you did not receive one or anything similar Tuesday, the districts suggests double-checking you are in the system.


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