▶️ Madras residents thank truck drivers for transporting essential goods


Madras resident Margie Long is doing her best to stay inside.

Her only exception is stepping outside her home along Highway 97 to wave at truck drivers as they pass by.

She’s thanking them for the work they’re doing during COVID-19.

“We hear the trucks going by all the time and we used to be annoyed by them,” said Long. “But now we’re realizing they’re our lifeline. And that they are sort of the few that are not being as recognized as our medical and first responders.”

To make themselves a little more noticeable, Long and her husband put up a sign reading “Truckers across America. Thank you. Be safe.”

“If there’s something we can do to let them know we appreciate them, and we kind of did some thinking and we came up with the sign and the white ribbons. So I’m hoping this will turn into a movement.”

Long says if you don’t believe the work of truck drivers is essential, think again.

“If you don’t see the truckers as vital, go to the grocery store and see the empty shelves,” said Long. “They are stocking our grocery stores and bringing in medical supplies, and they are the ones that are keeping us fed.”


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