▶️ Redmond man walks every street in town…almost 300 miles worth


Walk a mile in Reid Sanford’s shoes and that barely covers it.

“I used to jump out of airplanes, run marathons, and hike long distance trails,” Sanford said. “Now I just go out and walk city streets, but I walk a lot of them.”

8 months. 85 hours. 271 miles.

That is how long it took Sanford to walk every paved street within Redmond’s city limits.

Sanford was inspired by a story he saw on Central Oregon Daily News last spring, where a local couple ran every street in Bend.

“Kind of a neat thing to do,” Sanford said. “They showed the footage of them out running on some of the streets, and you can really discover your neighborhood this way. Where you live and maybe see all sorts of neat sites and things like that.”

Sanford tracked his progress through a GPS app called Gaia.

“I started just in our neighborhood, walking the normal streets that we did all the time,” Sanford said. “Then as soon as it was too far of a walk to get to where I wanted to walk, I would take our van and drive to a certain neighborhood, park it, then just walk around that neighborhood.”

An ambitious goal, but with the right mindset, it turned out to be an achievable one.

“It’s like any other big project you work on,” Sanford said. “You just keep chipping away every day and then you surprise yourself when you’re finally done.”

Sanford will continue his casual walks, but currently has no plans for another city-wide adventure just yet.


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