▶️ Local leaders issue united statement condemning hate


Nearly 40 local political, faith and community leaders issued a joint statement Friday condemning hate in the community.

“What I hope people will take away is this is a reminder,” Mayor Sally Russell, who signed the letter, said. “We all share these values in our town.”

Russell said she heard from many community members after the last presidential debate, and both she and other leaders wanted to send a message out to the community that reinforced inclusive values.

“It was a moment to step forward as leaders and say, let’s remember this,” Russell said. “We know this, we agree to this, these are our core values.”

Members of local churches, the Bend La Pine School Board and Bend Park and Recreation District signed the letter.

Counselor Bill Moseley was the only city councilor who did not.

“I think we should be accepting that there’s a variety of viewpoint within our community, and all this is going to do is make people angry,” Moseley said. “We’re not really going to listen to one another.”

Moseley said not signing the letter does not mean he accepts hate or discrimination. He just doesn’t think the letter is the right way to reach people.

“I don’t believe that confrontation is a good way to resolve some of the problems we have within our community,” Moseley said.

The full statement and those who signed it are below:

As leaders in our community, we come together to speak up for tolerance, inclusivity, and love for our neighbors.

Hate has no place in Bend. Racism, white supremacy, bigotry, antisemitism and other discriminatory beliefs harm members of our community and are counter to our commitment to being a Welcoming City to all.

We stand with our community in condemning white supremacy and all other forms of hate.

We are proud of our community for taking a strong stand against racism and injustice, and for expressing its beliefs nonviolently.  We know our neighbors and see that the vast majority of us embrace one another, celebrate our differences, and strive to peacefully resolve our disputes.

We are moving forward together to dismantle racist systems and beliefs that still exist in our city, state, and country.  We will not slip back by embracing or failing to challenge hateful and divisive messages.

Oregon has very strong protections for freedom of speech and expression, and the Bend Police Department strives to provide all community members the ability to express their opinions freely and safely.  The right to free speech, however, does not include engaging in any behavior that is defined as a crime under Oregon, federal or local law, and we will work with all our partners in the criminal justice system to ensure that people who engage in criminal behavior are held accountable.



Como líderes de nuestra comunidad, nos unimos para promover el respeto, la igualdad y el amor por nuestros vecinos. 

El odio no tiene lugar en Bend. El racismo, la supremacía blanca, el fanatismo, el antisemitismo y otras creencias discriminatorias dañan a los miembros de nuestra comunidad y son contrarios a nuestro compromiso de ser una ciudad acogedora para todos.

Apoyamos a nuestra comunidad en condenar la supremacía blanca y todos los tipos de odio.

Estamos orgullosos de nuestra comunidad por tomar una posición firme contra el racismo y la injusticia, y por expresar nuestras creencias de manera no violenta. Conocemos a nuestros vecinos y vemos que la gran mayoría de nosotros nos abrazamos, celebramos nuestras diferencias y nos esforzamos por resolver pacíficamente nuestras disputas. 

Estamos avanzando juntos para desmantelar los sistemas y creencias racistas que aún existen en nuestra ciudad, estado y país. No retrocederemos al aceptar o dejar de desafiar los mensajes de odio y divisiones.

Oregon tiene protecciones muy sólidas para la libertad de expresión y el Departamento de Policía de Bend se esfuerza por brindar a todos los miembros de la comunidad la capacidad de expresar sus opiniones con libertad y seguridad. Sin embargo, el derecho a la libertad de expresión no incluye la participación en ningún comportamiento que se define como un delito según las leyes de Oregon, federales o locales, y trabajaremos con todos nuestros socios en el sistema de justicia penal para asegurar que las personas que participan en actividades criminales rindan cuentas.

All in support:


Elected Officials:

Faith Leaders:

Sally Russell, City of Bend Mayor

Rev. Erika Spaet, Story Dwelling

Bruce Abernethy, City of Bend Mayor Pro-Tem (Vice Mayor)

Jer Swigart, Executive Director, The Global Immersion Project

John Hummel, Deschutes County District Attorney

Rev. Dr. Sam Adams, Bend Mennonite

Chris Piper, Bend City Councilor

Pete Kelley, Lead Pastor, Antioch Church

Gena Goodman-Campbell, Bend City Councilor

Rev. Jed Holdorph Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

Barb Campbell, Bend City Councilor

Rev. Jen Stuart, Lead Pastor, Bend Church

Justin Livingston, Bend City Councilor

David Dealy, City Pastor, Westside Church

Deb Schoen, Bend Park & Recreation Board

Rev. Chris Kramer

Ariel Méndez, PhD, Vice Chair, Bend Park and Recreation Board

Rabbi Johanna M. Hershenson, Central Conference of American Rabbis

Ann Malkin, Deschutes Public Library District Board Member

Amy Kasari, Pastor of Compassion & Justice, Antioch Church

Nathan Hovekamp, PhD, Chair, Bend Park & Recreation Board

Tom Airey, Co-Editor, RadicalDiscipleship.net, Executive Director, Kardia Kaiomene

Jason Kropf, Board Member, Bend Park & Recreation District

Fr. Jose Thomas Mudakodiyil, Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

Julie Craig, Bend-La Pine School District, Board of Directors Member

Linda Van Voorst, Pastor of Children’s Ministry at Antioch Church

Shimiko Montgomery, Bend-La Pine School Board of Directors Member

Rev. Dr. Steven Koski, Lead Pastor, First Presbyterian

Carrie McPherson Douglass, Chair, Bend La Pine School Board of Director Member

Rev. Morgan Schmidt, Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian & Leader at Pandemic Partners

Melissa Barnes Dholakia, Bend-La Pine School Board of Directors Member

Lindsay Airey, LMFT, Soul Accompanier, Kardia Kaiomene

Amy Tatom, Bend-La Pine School Board of Directors Member

Rev Nancy Slabaugh Hart, Madras United Methodist Church

Dr. Stuart Young, Bend-La Pine School Board Directors Member

Rev. Andrew Hoeksema, Community Presbyterian Church Redmond

Caroline Skidmore, Bend-La Pine School Board of Directors Member

Rev. Erika Spaet, The Storydwelling Community


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