▶️ Local grocery stores increase sanitation to help keep employees, customers safe


Debra Huber has worked in the grocery industry for 44 years, but she’s never experienced something like COVID-19.

“It was truly amazing to me,” Huber said. “It was almost overwhelming to see so many people at one time purchasing so much food.”

There has been an increase in customers at Food4Less where Huber works in the past few weeks. With more customers, comes a greater risk of exposure to the virus.

Food4Less has upped their sanitation game for the benefit of their customers and employees like Huber.

“All of our employees are wearing gloves to limit as much hand contact with the product,” Store Director Aaron Price said. “I just ordered the Coronavirus masks, the respirator masks, so all my employees have access to that. I mean you name it, we’ve done it.”

Food4Less in Bend hired several temporary employees to do nothing but clean. But when it comes to health and sanitation, Huber says it’s not just an inside job — customers have a duty as well.

“Some are wearing masks, some are wearing gloves, and they say ‘oh we don’t want you to touch that for us, we’ve handled it,'” Huber said. “And you know, everybody’s trying to do their part.”

Huber is trying to do her part too by cleaning her own check-out station every chance she gets.

“You’ll see us, if there’s no one there or if someone’s bagging on the other side, cleaning as well,” said Huber. “So we’re just trying to be as hypervigilant as we can to keep it safe for everybody.”

Huber says despite what’s going on in the world, she and her Food4Less family are in good spirits.

“Every day it’s something different for us and the community, so we’re all learning together,” she said. “It’s like we all say, we’re all in this together.”

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